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Convert Board Feet to Cross Tie

Please provide values below to convert board feet to cross tie, or vice versa.


Board Feet to Cross Tie Conversion Table

Board FeetCross Tie
0.01 board feet0.00025 cross tie
0.1 board feet0.0025 cross tie
1 board feet0.025 cross tie
2 board feet0.05 cross tie
3 board feet0.075 cross tie
5 board feet0.125 cross tie
10 board feet0.2500000001 cross tie
20 board feet0.5000000001 cross tie
50 board feet1.2500000003 cross tie
100 board feet2.5000000006 cross tie
1000 board feet25.0000000059 cross tie

How to Convert Board Feet to Cross Tie

1 board feet = 0.025 cross tie
1 cross tie = 39.9999999906 board feet

Example: convert 15 board feet to cross tie:
15 board feet = 15 × 0.025 cross tie = 0.3750000001 cross tie

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