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Convert Board Feet to Switch Tie

Please provide values below to convert board feet to switch tie, or vice versa.


Board Feet to Switch Tie Conversion Table

Board FeetSwitch Tie
0.01 board feet0.0001587302 switch tie
0.1 board feet0.0015873016 switch tie
1 board feet0.0158730159 switch tie
2 board feet0.0317460317 switch tie
3 board feet0.0476190476 switch tie
5 board feet0.0793650794 switch tie
10 board feet0.1587301587 switch tie
20 board feet0.3174603174 switch tie
50 board feet0.7936507936 switch tie
100 board feet1.5873015871 switch tie
1000 board feet15.8730158713 switch tie

How to Convert Board Feet to Switch Tie

1 board feet = 0.0158730159 switch tie
1 switch tie = 63.0000000067 board feet

Example: convert 15 board feet to switch tie:
15 board feet = 15 × 0.0158730159 switch tie = 0.2380952381 switch tie

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