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Convert Switch Tie to Board Feet

Please provide values below to convert switch tie to board feet, or vice versa.


Switch Tie to Board Feet Conversion Table

Switch TieBoard Feet
0.01 switch tie0.6300000001 board feet
0.1 switch tie6.3000000007 board feet
1 switch tie63.0000000067 board feet
2 switch tie126.0000000134 board feet
3 switch tie189.0000000201 board feet
5 switch tie315.0000000334 board feet
10 switch tie630.0000000669 board feet
20 switch tie1260.0000001338 board feet
50 switch tie3150.0000003345 board feet
100 switch tie6300.000000669 board feet
1000 switch tie63000.00000669 board feet

How to Convert Switch Tie to Board Feet

1 switch tie = 63.0000000067 board feet
1 board feet = 0.0158730159 switch tie

Example: convert 15 switch tie to board feet:
15 switch tie = 15 × 63.0000000067 board feet = 945.0000001003 board feet

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