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Convert Bushel (US) to Seah (Biblical)

Please provide values below to convert bushel (US) [bu (US)] to seah (Biblical), or vice versa.


Bushel (US) to Seah (Biblical) Conversion Table

Bushel (US) [bu (US)]Seah (Biblical)
0.01 bu (US)0.0480532798 seah (Biblical)
0.1 bu (US)0.4805327984 seah (Biblical)
1 bu (US)4.8053279843 seah (Biblical)
2 bu (US)9.6106559686 seah (Biblical)
3 bu (US)14.4159839529 seah (Biblical)
5 bu (US)24.0266399215 seah (Biblical)
10 bu (US)48.0532798429 seah (Biblical)
20 bu (US)96.1065596859 seah (Biblical)
50 bu (US)240.2663992147 seah (Biblical)
100 bu (US)480.5327984293 seah (Biblical)
1000 bu (US)4805.3279842934 seah (Biblical)

How to Convert Bushel (US) to Seah (Biblical)

1 bu (US) = 4.8053279843 seah (Biblical)
1 seah (Biblical) = 0.2081023404 bu (US)

Example: convert 15 bu (US) to seah (Biblical):
15 bu (US) = 15 × 4.8053279843 seah (Biblical) = 72.0799197644 seah (Biblical)

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