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Convert Bushel (US) to Cab (Biblical)

Please provide values below to convert bushel (US) [bu (US)] to cab (Biblical), or vice versa.


Bushel (US) to Cab (Biblical) Conversion Table

Bushel (US) [bu (US)]Cab (Biblical)
0.01 bu (US)0.2883196791 cab (Biblical)
0.1 bu (US)2.8831967906 cab (Biblical)
1 bu (US)28.8319679058 cab (Biblical)
2 bu (US)57.6639358115 cab (Biblical)
3 bu (US)86.4959037173 cab (Biblical)
5 bu (US)144.1598395288 cab (Biblical)
10 bu (US)288.3196790576 cab (Biblical)
20 bu (US)576.6393581152 cab (Biblical)
50 bu (US)1441.598395288 cab (Biblical)
100 bu (US)2883.196790576 cab (Biblical)
1000 bu (US)28831.96790576 cab (Biblical)

How to Convert Bushel (US) to Cab (Biblical)

1 bu (US) = 28.8319679058 cab (Biblical)
1 cab (Biblical) = 0.0346837234 bu (US)

Example: convert 15 bu (US) to cab (Biblical):
15 bu (US) = 15 × 28.8319679058 cab (Biblical) = 432.4795185864 cab (Biblical)

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