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Convert Bushel (US) to Omer (Biblical)

Please provide values below to convert bushel (US) [bu (US)] to omer (Biblical), or vice versa.


Bushel (US) to Omer (Biblical) Conversion Table

Bushel (US) [bu (US)]Omer (Biblical)
0.01 bu (US)0.1601775995 omer (Biblical)
0.1 bu (US)1.6017759948 omer (Biblical)
1 bu (US)16.0177599476 omer (Biblical)
2 bu (US)32.0355198953 omer (Biblical)
3 bu (US)48.0532798429 omer (Biblical)
5 bu (US)80.0887997382 omer (Biblical)
10 bu (US)160.1775994764 omer (Biblical)
20 bu (US)320.3551989529 omer (Biblical)
50 bu (US)800.8879973822 omer (Biblical)
100 bu (US)1601.7759947644 omer (Biblical)
1000 bu (US)16017.759947644 omer (Biblical)

How to Convert Bushel (US) to Omer (Biblical)

1 bu (US) = 16.0177599476 omer (Biblical)
1 omer (Biblical) = 0.0624307021 bu (US)

Example: convert 15 bu (US) to omer (Biblical):
15 bu (US) = 15 × 16.0177599476 omer (Biblical) = 240.2663992147 omer (Biblical)

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