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Convert Bushel (US) to Homer (Biblical)

Please provide values below to convert bushel (US) [bu (US)] to homer (Biblical), or vice versa.


Bushel (US) to Homer (Biblical) Conversion Table

Bushel (US) [bu (US)]Homer (Biblical)
0.01 bu (US)0.001601776 homer (Biblical)
0.1 bu (US)0.0160177599 homer (Biblical)
1 bu (US)0.1601775995 homer (Biblical)
2 bu (US)0.320355199 homer (Biblical)
3 bu (US)0.4805327984 homer (Biblical)
5 bu (US)0.8008879974 homer (Biblical)
10 bu (US)1.6017759948 homer (Biblical)
20 bu (US)3.2035519895 homer (Biblical)
50 bu (US)8.0088799738 homer (Biblical)
100 bu (US)16.0177599476 homer (Biblical)
1000 bu (US)160.1775994764 homer (Biblical)

How to Convert Bushel (US) to Homer (Biblical)

1 bu (US) = 0.1601775995 homer (Biblical)
1 homer (Biblical) = 6.2430702125 bu (US)

Example: convert 15 bu (US) to homer (Biblical):
15 bu (US) = 15 × 0.1601775995 homer (Biblical) = 2.4026639921 homer (Biblical)

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