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Convert Knot (UK) to Foot/second

Please provide values below to convert knot (UK) [kt (UK)] to foot/second [ft/s], or vice versa.


Knot (UK) to Foot/second Conversion Table

Knot (UK) [kt (UK)]Foot/second [ft/s]
0.01 kt (UK)0.0168888889 ft/s
0.1 kt (UK)0.1688888889 ft/s
1 kt (UK)1.6888888889 ft/s
2 kt (UK)3.3777777778 ft/s
3 kt (UK)5.0666666667 ft/s
5 kt (UK)8.4444444444 ft/s
10 kt (UK)16.8888888889 ft/s
20 kt (UK)33.7777777778 ft/s
50 kt (UK)84.4444444444 ft/s
100 kt (UK)168.8888888889 ft/s
1000 kt (UK)1688.8888888889 ft/s

How to Convert Knot (UK) to Foot/second

1 kt (UK) = 1.6888888889 ft/s
1 ft/s = 0.5921052632 kt (UK)

Example: convert 15 kt (UK) to ft/s:
15 kt (UK) = 15 × 1.6888888889 ft/s = 25.3333333333 ft/s

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