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Convert Knot (UK) to Knot

Please provide values below to convert knot (UK) [kt (UK)] to knot [kt, kn], or vice versa.

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Knot (UK) to Knot Conversion Table

Knot (UK) [kt (UK)]Knot [kt, Kn]
0.01 kt (UK)0.0100063931 kt, kn
0.1 kt (UK)0.1000639309 kt, kn
1 kt (UK)1.0006393089 kt, kn
2 kt (UK)2.0012786177 kt, kn
3 kt (UK)3.0019179266 kt, kn
5 kt (UK)5.0031965443 kt, kn
10 kt (UK)10.0063930886 kt, kn
20 kt (UK)20.0127861771 kt, kn
50 kt (UK)50.0319654428 kt, kn
100 kt (UK)100.0639308855 kt, kn
1000 kt (UK)1000.6393088553 kt, kn

How to Convert Knot (UK) to Knot

1 kt (UK) = 1.0006393089 kt, kn
1 kt, kn = 0.9993610996 kt (UK)

Example: convert 15 kt (UK) to kt, kn:
15 kt (UK) = 15 × 1.0006393089 kt, kn = 15.0095896328 kt, kn

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