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Convert Foot/second to Knot (UK)

Please provide values below to convert foot/second [ft/s] to knot (UK) [kt (UK)], or vice versa.

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Foot/second to Knot (UK) Conversion Table

Foot/second [ft/s]Knot (UK) [kt (UK)]
0.01 ft/s0.0059210526 kt (UK)
0.1 ft/s0.0592105263 kt (UK)
1 ft/s0.5921052632 kt (UK)
2 ft/s1.1842105263 kt (UK)
3 ft/s1.7763157895 kt (UK)
5 ft/s2.9605263158 kt (UK)
10 ft/s5.9210526316 kt (UK)
20 ft/s11.8421052632 kt (UK)
50 ft/s29.6052631579 kt (UK)
100 ft/s59.2105263158 kt (UK)
1000 ft/s592.1052631579 kt (UK)

How to Convert Foot/second to Knot (UK)

1 ft/s = 0.5921052632 kt (UK)
1 kt (UK) = 1.6888888889 ft/s

Example: convert 15 ft/s to kt (UK):
15 ft/s = 15 × 0.5921052632 kt (UK) = 8.8815789474 kt (UK)

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