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Convert Knot (UK) to Meter/minute

Please provide values below to convert knot (UK) [kt (UK)] to meter/minute [m/min], or vice versa.

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Knot (UK) to Meter/minute Conversion Table

Knot (UK) [kt (UK)]Meter/minute [m/min]
0.01 kt (UK)0.308864 m/min
0.1 kt (UK)3.08864 m/min
1 kt (UK)30.8864 m/min
2 kt (UK)61.7728 m/min
3 kt (UK)92.6592 m/min
5 kt (UK)154.432 m/min
10 kt (UK)308.864 m/min
20 kt (UK)617.728 m/min
50 kt (UK)1544.32 m/min
100 kt (UK)3088.64 m/min
1000 kt (UK)30886.4 m/min

How to Convert Knot (UK) to Meter/minute

1 kt (UK) = 30.8864 m/min
1 m/min = 0.0323767095 kt (UK)

Example: convert 15 kt (UK) to m/min:
15 kt (UK) = 15 × 30.8864 m/min = 463.296 m/min

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