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Convert Yard to Bohr Radius

Please provide values below to convert yard [yd] to Bohr radius [b, a.u.], or vice versa.

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Yard to Bohr Radius Conversion Table

Yard [yd]Bohr Radius [b, A.u.]
0.01 yd172796544.39565 b, a.u.
0.1 yd1727965443.9565 b, a.u.
1 yd17279654439.565 b, a.u.
2 yd34559308879.131 b, a.u.
3 yd51838963318.696 b, a.u.
5 yd86398272197.827 b, a.u.
10 yd172796544395.65 b, a.u.
20 yd345593088791.31 b, a.u.
50 yd863982721978.27 b, a.u.
100 yd1727965443956.5 b, a.u.
1000 yd17279654439565 b, a.u.

How to Convert Yard to Bohr Radius

1 yd = 17279654439.565 b, a.u.
1 b, a.u. = 5.7871527668417E-11 yd

Example: convert 15 yd to b, a.u.:
15 yd = 15 × 17279654439.565 b, a.u. = 259194816593.48 b, a.u.

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