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Convert Therm (US) to Ton (explosives)

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Therm (US) to Ton (explosives) Conversion Table

Therm (US)Ton (explosives)
0.01 therm (US)0.0002521042 ton (explosives)
0.1 therm (US)0.0025210421 ton (explosives)
1 therm (US)0.0252104207 ton (explosives)
2 therm (US)0.0504208413 ton (explosives)
3 therm (US)0.075631262 ton (explosives)
5 therm (US)0.1260521033 ton (explosives)
10 therm (US)0.2521042065 ton (explosives)
20 therm (US)0.504208413 ton (explosives)
50 therm (US)1.2605210325 ton (explosives)
100 therm (US)2.521042065 ton (explosives)
1000 therm (US)25.2104206501 ton (explosives)

How to Convert Therm (US) to Ton (explosives)

1 therm (US) = 0.0252104207 ton (explosives)
1 ton (explosives) = 39.6661370264 therm (US)

Example: convert 15 therm (US) to ton (explosives):
15 therm (US) = 15 × 0.0252104207 ton (explosives) = 0.3781563098 ton (explosives)

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