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Convert Therm (US) to Electron-volt

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Therm (US) to Electron-volt Conversion Table

Therm (US)Electron-volt [eV]
0.01 therm (US)6.5835658778169E+24 eV
0.1 therm (US)6.5835658778169E+25 eV
1 therm (US)6.5835658778169E+26 eV
2 therm (US)1.3167131755634E+27 eV
3 therm (US)1.9750697633451E+27 eV
5 therm (US)3.2917829389084E+27 eV
10 therm (US)6.5835658778169E+27 eV
20 therm (US)1.3167131755634E+28 eV
50 therm (US)3.2917829389084E+28 eV
100 therm (US)6.5835658778169E+28 eV
1000 therm (US)6.5835658778169E+29 eV

How to Convert Therm (US) to Electron-volt

1 therm (US) = 6.5835658778169E+26 eV
1 eV = 1.5189336881544E-27 therm (US)

Example: convert 15 therm (US) to eV:
15 therm (US) = 15 × 6.5835658778169E+26 eV = 9.8753488167253E+27 eV

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