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Convert Megajoule to Kilocalorie (IT)

Please provide values below to convert megajoule [MJ] to kilocalorie (IT) [kcal (IT)], or vice versa.


Megajoule to Kilocalorie (IT) Conversion Table

Megajoule [MJ]Kilocalorie (IT) [kcal (IT)]
0.01 MJ2.3884589663 kcal (IT)
0.1 MJ23.8845896627 kcal (IT)
1 MJ238.8458966275 kcal (IT)
2 MJ477.691793255 kcal (IT)
3 MJ716.5376898825 kcal (IT)
5 MJ1194.2294831375 kcal (IT)
10 MJ2388.458966275 kcal (IT)
20 MJ4776.9179325499 kcal (IT)
50 MJ11942.294831375 kcal (IT)
100 MJ23884.58966275 kcal (IT)
1000 MJ238845.8966275 kcal (IT)

How to Convert Megajoule to Kilocalorie (IT)

1 MJ = 238.8458966275 kcal (IT)
1 kcal (IT) = 0.0041868 MJ

Example: convert 15 MJ to kcal (IT):
15 MJ = 15 × 238.8458966275 kcal (IT) = 3582.6884494124 kcal (IT)

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