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Convert Gigaton to Poundal Foot

Please provide values below to convert gigaton [Gton] to poundal foot [pdl*ft], or vice versa.


Gigaton to Poundal Foot Conversion Table

Gigaton [Gton]Poundal Foot [pdl*ft]
0.01 Gton9.9287828152507E+17 pdl*ft
0.1 Gton9.9287828152507E+18 pdl*ft
1 Gton9.9287828152507E+19 pdl*ft
2 Gton1.9857565630501E+20 pdl*ft
3 Gton2.9786348445752E+20 pdl*ft
5 Gton4.9643914076253E+20 pdl*ft
10 Gton9.9287828152507E+20 pdl*ft
20 Gton1.9857565630501E+21 pdl*ft
50 Gton4.9643914076253E+21 pdl*ft
100 Gton9.9287828152507E+21 pdl*ft
1000 Gton9.9287828152507E+22 pdl*ft

How to Convert Gigaton to Poundal Foot

1 Gton = 9.9287828152507E+19 pdl*ft
1 pdl*ft = 1.0071728011454E-20 Gton

Example: convert 15 Gton to pdl*ft:
15 Gton = 15 × 9.9287828152507E+19 pdl*ft = 1.4893174222876E+21 pdl*ft

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