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Convert Btu (IT) to Megaelectron-volt

Please provide values below to convert Btu (IT) [Btu (IT), Btu] to megaelectron-volt [MeV], or vice versa.

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Btu (IT) to Megaelectron-volt Conversion Table

Btu (IT) [Btu (IT), Btu]Megaelectron-volt [MeV]
0.01 Btu (IT), Btu65851378175473 MeV
0.1 Btu (IT), Btu6.5851378175473E+14 MeV
1 Btu (IT), Btu6.5851378175473E+15 MeV
2 Btu (IT), Btu1.3170275635095E+16 MeV
3 Btu (IT), Btu1.9755413452642E+16 MeV
5 Btu (IT), Btu3.2925689087737E+16 MeV
10 Btu (IT), Btu6.5851378175473E+16 MeV
20 Btu (IT), Btu1.3170275635095E+17 MeV
50 Btu (IT), Btu3.2925689087737E+17 MeV
100 Btu (IT), Btu6.5851378175473E+17 MeV
1000 Btu (IT), Btu6.5851378175473E+18 MeV

How to Convert Btu (IT) to Megaelectron-volt

1 Btu (IT), Btu = 6.5851378175473E+15 MeV
1 MeV = 1.5185711031519E-16 Btu (IT), Btu

Example: convert 15 Btu (IT), Btu to MeV:
15 Btu (IT), Btu = 15 × 6.5851378175473E+15 MeV = 9.877706726321E+16 MeV

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