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Convert Btu (IT) to Btu (th)

Please provide values below to convert Btu (IT) [Btu (IT), Btu] to Btu (th) [Btu (th)], or vice versa.

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Btu (IT) to Btu (th) Conversion Table

Btu (IT) [Btu (IT), Btu]Btu (th) [Btu (th)]
0.01 Btu (IT), Btu0.0100066947 Btu (th)
0.1 Btu (IT), Btu0.1000669467 Btu (th)
1 Btu (IT), Btu1.0006694671 Btu (th)
2 Btu (IT), Btu2.0013389342 Btu (th)
3 Btu (IT), Btu3.0020084013 Btu (th)
5 Btu (IT), Btu5.0033473355 Btu (th)
10 Btu (IT), Btu10.0066946711 Btu (th)
20 Btu (IT), Btu20.0133893422 Btu (th)
50 Btu (IT), Btu50.0334733554 Btu (th)
100 Btu (IT), Btu100.0669467108 Btu (th)
1000 Btu (IT), Btu1000.6694671083 Btu (th)

How to Convert Btu (IT) to Btu (th)

1 Btu (IT), Btu = 1.0006694671 Btu (th)
1 Btu (th) = 0.9993309808 Btu (IT), Btu

Example: convert 15 Btu (IT), Btu to Btu (th):
15 Btu (IT), Btu = 15 × 1.0006694671 Btu (th) = 15.0100420066 Btu (th)

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