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Convert Attojoule to Kilopond Meter

Please provide values below to convert attojoule [aJ] to kilopond meter [kp*m], or vice versa.


Attojoule to Kilopond Meter Conversion Table

Attojoule [aJ]Kilopond Meter [kp*m]
0.01 aJ1.0197162130094E-21 kp*m
0.1 aJ1.0197162130094E-20 kp*m
1 aJ1.0197162130094E-19 kp*m
2 aJ2.0394324260187E-19 kp*m
3 aJ3.0591486390281E-19 kp*m
5 aJ5.0985810650468E-19 kp*m
10 aJ1.0197162130094E-18 kp*m
20 aJ2.0394324260187E-18 kp*m
50 aJ5.0985810650468E-18 kp*m
100 aJ1.0197162130094E-17 kp*m
1000 aJ1.0197162130094E-16 kp*m

How to Convert Attojoule to Kilopond Meter

1 aJ = 1.0197162130094E-19 kp*m
1 kp*m = 9.8066499996977E+18 aJ

Example: convert 15 aJ to kp*m:
15 aJ = 15 × 1.0197162130094E-19 kp*m = 1.529574319514E-18 kp*m

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