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Convert Psi/1000 Feet to Petagram/liter

Please provide values below to convert psi/1000 feet to petagram/liter [Pg/L], or vice versa.

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Psi/1000 Feet to Petagram/liter Conversion Table

Psi/1000 FeetPetagram/liter [Pg/L]
0.01 psi/1000 feet2.3066587258492E-17 Pg/L
0.1 psi/1000 feet2.3066587258492E-16 Pg/L
1 psi/1000 feet2.3066587258492E-15 Pg/L
2 psi/1000 feet4.6133174516984E-15 Pg/L
3 psi/1000 feet6.9199761775477E-15 Pg/L
5 psi/1000 feet1.1533293629246E-14 Pg/L
10 psi/1000 feet2.3066587258492E-14 Pg/L
20 psi/1000 feet4.6133174516984E-14 Pg/L
50 psi/1000 feet1.1533293629246E-13 Pg/L
100 psi/1000 feet2.3066587258492E-13 Pg/L
1000 psi/1000 feet2.3066587258492E-12 Pg/L

How to Convert Psi/1000 Feet to Petagram/liter

1 psi/1000 feet = 2.3066587258492E-15 Pg/L
1 Pg/L = 4.335275040012E+14 psi/1000 feet

Example: convert 15 psi/1000 feet to Pg/L:
15 psi/1000 feet = 15 × 2.3066587258492E-15 Pg/L = 3.4599880887738E-14 Pg/L

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