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Convert Kip to Ton (assay) (US)

Please provide values below to convert kip to ton (assay) (US) [AT (US)], or vice versa.


Kip to Ton (assay) (US) Conversion Table

KipTon (assay) (US) [AT (US)]
0.01 kip155.5173662266 AT (US)
0.1 kip1555.1736622659 AT (US)
1 kip15551.736622659 AT (US)
2 kip31103.473245317 AT (US)
3 kip46655.209867976 AT (US)
5 kip77758.683113293 AT (US)
10 kip155517.36622659 AT (US)
20 kip311034.73245317 AT (US)
50 kip777586.83113293 AT (US)
100 kip1555173.6622659 AT (US)
1000 kip15551736.622659 AT (US)

How to Convert Kip to Ton (assay) (US)

1 kip = 15551.736622659 AT (US)
1 AT (US) = 6.43015E-5 kip

Example: convert 15 kip to AT (US):
15 kip = 15 × 15551.736622659 AT (US) = 233276.04933988 AT (US)

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