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Convert Kip to Stone (UK)

Please provide values below to convert kip to stone (UK), or vice versa.


Kip to Stone (UK) Conversion Table

KipStone (UK)
0.01 kip0.7142857143 stone (UK)
0.1 kip7.1428571429 stone (UK)
1 kip71.4285714286 stone (UK)
2 kip142.8571428571 stone (UK)
3 kip214.2857142857 stone (UK)
5 kip357.1428571429 stone (UK)
10 kip714.2857142857 stone (UK)
20 kip1428.5714285714 stone (UK)
50 kip3571.4285714286 stone (UK)
100 kip7142.8571428571 stone (UK)
1000 kip71428.571428571 stone (UK)

How to Convert Kip to Stone (UK)

1 kip = 71.4285714286 stone (UK)
1 stone (UK) = 0.014 kip

Example: convert 15 kip to stone (UK):
15 kip = 15 × 71.4285714286 stone (UK) = 1071.4285714286 stone (UK)

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