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Convert Gallon (US) to Cup (UK)

Please provide values below to convert gallon (US) [gal (US)] to cup (UK), or vice versa.

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Gallon (US) to Cup (UK) Conversion Table

Gallon (US) [gal (US)]Cup (UK)
0.01 gal (US)0.13322786954064 cup (UK)
0.1 gal (US)1.3322786954064 cup (UK)
1 gal (US)13.322786954064 cup (UK)
2 gal (US)26.645573908128 cup (UK)
3 gal (US)39.968360862191 cup (UK)
5 gal (US)66.613934770319 cup (UK)
10 gal (US)133.22786954064 cup (UK)
20 gal (US)266.45573908128 cup (UK)
50 gal (US)666.13934770319 cup (UK)
100 gal (US)1332.2786954064 cup (UK)
1000 gal (US)13322.786954064 cup (UK)

How to Convert Gallon (US) to Cup (UK)

1 gal (US) = 13.322786954064 cup (UK)
1 cup (UK) = 0.075059370344053 gal (US)

Example: convert 15 gal (US) to cup (UK):
15 gal (US) = 15 × 13.322786954064 cup (UK) = 199.84180431096 cup (UK)

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