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Convert Drop to Fluid Ounce (UK)

Please provide values below to convert drop to fluid ounce (UK) [fl oz (UK)], or vice versa.


Drop to Fluid Ounce (UK) Conversion Table

DropFluid Ounce (UK) [fl Oz (UK)]
0.01 drop1.75975E-5 fl oz (UK)
0.1 drop0.0001759754 fl oz (UK)
1 drop0.001759754 fl oz (UK)
2 drop0.003519508 fl oz (UK)
3 drop0.005279262 fl oz (UK)
5 drop0.0087987699 fl oz (UK)
10 drop0.0175975399 fl oz (UK)
20 drop0.0351950797 fl oz (UK)
50 drop0.0879876993 fl oz (UK)
100 drop0.1759753986 fl oz (UK)
1000 drop1.7597539864 fl oz (UK)

How to Convert Drop to Fluid Ounce (UK)

1 drop = 0.001759754 fl oz (UK)
1 fl oz (UK) = 568.26125 drop

Example: convert 15 drop to fl oz (UK):
15 drop = 15 × 0.001759754 fl oz (UK) = 0.0263963098 fl oz (UK)

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