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Convert Dram to Fluid Ounce (UK)

Please provide values below to convert dram [dr] to fluid ounce (UK) [fl oz (UK)], or vice versa.


Dram to Fluid Ounce (UK) Conversion Table

Dram [dr]Fluid Ounce (UK) [fl Oz (UK)]
0.01 dr0.0013010534 fl oz (UK)
0.1 dr0.0130105341 fl oz (UK)
1 dr0.1301053413 fl oz (UK)
2 dr0.2602106827 fl oz (UK)
3 dr0.390316024 fl oz (UK)
5 dr0.6505267067 fl oz (UK)
10 dr1.3010534135 fl oz (UK)
20 dr2.602106827 fl oz (UK)
50 dr6.5052670674 fl oz (UK)
100 dr13.0105341348 fl oz (UK)
1000 dr130.1053413483 fl oz (UK)

How to Convert Dram to Fluid Ounce (UK)

1 dr = 0.1301053413 fl oz (UK)
1 fl oz (UK) = 7.6860795232 dr

Example: convert 15 dr to fl oz (UK):
15 dr = 15 × 0.1301053413 fl oz (UK) = 1.9515801202 fl oz (UK)

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