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Convert Cord to Barrel (oil)

Please provide values below to convert cord [cd] to barrel (oil) [bbl (oil)], or vice versa.


Cord to Barrel (oil) Conversion Table

Cord [cd]Barrel (oil) [bbl (oil)]
0.01 cd0.2279777365 bbl (oil)
0.1 cd2.2797773655 bbl (oil)
1 cd22.7977736549 bbl (oil)
2 cd45.5955473098 bbl (oil)
3 cd68.3933209647 bbl (oil)
5 cd113.9888682746 bbl (oil)
10 cd227.9777365492 bbl (oil)
20 cd455.9554730983 bbl (oil)
50 cd1139.8886827458 bbl (oil)
100 cd2279.7773654917 bbl (oil)
1000 cd22797.773654916 bbl (oil)

How to Convert Cord to Barrel (oil)

1 cd = 22.7977736549 bbl (oil)
1 bbl (oil) = 0.0438639323 cd

Example: convert 15 cd to bbl (oil):
15 cd = 15 × 22.7977736549 bbl (oil) = 341.9666048237 bbl (oil)

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