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Convert Cor (Biblical) to Peck (UK)

Please provide values below to convert cor (Biblical) to peck (UK) [pk (UK)], or vice versa.


Cor (Biblical) to Peck (UK) Conversion Table

Cor (Biblical)Peck (UK) [pk (UK)]
0.01 cor (Biblical)0.2419661614 pk (UK)
0.1 cor (Biblical)2.4196616135 pk (UK)
1 cor (Biblical)24.1966161352 pk (UK)
2 cor (Biblical)48.3932322703 pk (UK)
3 cor (Biblical)72.5898484055 pk (UK)
5 cor (Biblical)120.9830806758 pk (UK)
10 cor (Biblical)241.9661613516 pk (UK)
20 cor (Biblical)483.9323227032 pk (UK)
50 cor (Biblical)1209.830806758 pk (UK)
100 cor (Biblical)2419.661613516 pk (UK)
1000 cor (Biblical)24196.61613516 pk (UK)

How to Convert Cor (Biblical) to Peck (UK)

1 cor (Biblical) = 24.1966161352 pk (UK)
1 pk (UK) = 0.0413280929 cor (Biblical)

Example: convert 15 cor (Biblical) to pk (UK):
15 cor (Biblical) = 15 × 24.1966161352 pk (UK) = 362.9492420274 pk (UK)

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