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Convert Cor (Biblical) to Cab (Biblical)

Please provide values below to convert cor (Biblical) to cab (Biblical), or vice versa.


Cor (Biblical) to Cab (Biblical) Conversion Table

Cor (Biblical)Cab (Biblical)
0.01 cor (Biblical)1.8 cab (Biblical)
0.1 cor (Biblical)18 cab (Biblical)
1 cor (Biblical)180 cab (Biblical)
2 cor (Biblical)360 cab (Biblical)
3 cor (Biblical)540 cab (Biblical)
5 cor (Biblical)900 cab (Biblical)
10 cor (Biblical)1800 cab (Biblical)
20 cor (Biblical)3600 cab (Biblical)
50 cor (Biblical)9000 cab (Biblical)
100 cor (Biblical)18000 cab (Biblical)
1000 cor (Biblical)180000 cab (Biblical)

How to Convert Cor (Biblical) to Cab (Biblical)

1 cor (Biblical) = 180 cab (Biblical)
1 cab (Biblical) = 0.0055555556 cor (Biblical)

Example: convert 15 cor (Biblical) to cab (Biblical):
15 cor (Biblical) = 15 × 180 cab (Biblical) = 2700 cab (Biblical)

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