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Convert Cor (Biblical) to Log (Biblical)

Please provide values below to convert cor (Biblical) to log (Biblical), or vice versa.


Cor (Biblical) to Log (Biblical) Conversion Table

Cor (Biblical)Log (Biblical)
0.01 cor (Biblical)7.2 log (Biblical)
0.1 cor (Biblical)72 log (Biblical)
1 cor (Biblical)720 log (Biblical)
2 cor (Biblical)1440 log (Biblical)
3 cor (Biblical)2160 log (Biblical)
5 cor (Biblical)3600 log (Biblical)
10 cor (Biblical)7200 log (Biblical)
20 cor (Biblical)14400 log (Biblical)
50 cor (Biblical)36000 log (Biblical)
100 cor (Biblical)72000 log (Biblical)
1000 cor (Biblical)720000 log (Biblical)

How to Convert Cor (Biblical) to Log (Biblical)

1 cor (Biblical) = 720 log (Biblical)
1 log (Biblical) = 0.0013888889 cor (Biblical)

Example: convert 15 cor (Biblical) to log (Biblical):
15 cor (Biblical) = 15 × 720 log (Biblical) = 10800 log (Biblical)

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