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Convert Second to Minute (sidereal)

Please provide values below to convert second [s] to minute (sidereal), or vice versa.

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Second to Minute (sidereal) Conversion Table

Second [s]Minute (sidereal)
0.01 s0.000167123 minute (sidereal)
0.1 s0.0016712299 minute (sidereal)
1 s0.0167122986 minute (sidereal)
2 s0.0334245972 minute (sidereal)
3 s0.0501368958 minute (sidereal)
5 s0.083561493 minute (sidereal)
10 s0.1671229859 minute (sidereal)
20 s0.3342459718 minute (sidereal)
50 s0.8356149296 minute (sidereal)
100 s1.6712298592 minute (sidereal)
1000 s16.7122985921 minute (sidereal)

How to Convert Second to Minute (sidereal)

1 s = 0.0167122986 minute (sidereal)
1 minute (sidereal) = 59.8361736111 s

Example: convert 15 s to minute (sidereal):
15 s = 15 × 0.0167122986 minute (sidereal) = 0.2506844789 minute (sidereal)

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