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Convert Hour to Month (synodic)

Please provide values below to convert hour [h] to month (synodic), or vice versa.

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Hour to Month (synodic) Conversion Table

Hour [h]Month (synodic)
0.01 h1.41097E-5 month (synodic)
0.1 h0.0001410966 month (synodic)
1 h0.0014109658 month (synodic)
2 h0.0028219316 month (synodic)
3 h0.0042328974 month (synodic)
5 h0.007054829 month (synodic)
10 h0.014109658 month (synodic)
20 h0.028219316 month (synodic)
50 h0.07054829 month (synodic)
100 h0.14109658 month (synodic)
1000 h1.4109658004 month (synodic)

How to Convert Hour to Month (synodic)

1 h = 0.0014109658 month (synodic)
1 month (synodic) = 708.7344 h

Example: convert 15 h to month (synodic):
15 h = 15 × 0.0014109658 month (synodic) = 0.021164487 month (synodic)

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