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Convert Day (sidereal) to Month (synodic)

Please provide values below to convert day (sidereal) to month (synodic), or vice versa.


Day (sidereal) to Month (synodic) Conversion Table

Day (sidereal)Month (synodic)
0.01 day (sidereal)0.0003377072 month (synodic)
0.1 day (sidereal)0.0033770718 month (synodic)
1 day (sidereal)0.0337707178 month (synodic)
2 day (sidereal)0.0675414357 month (synodic)
3 day (sidereal)0.1013121535 month (synodic)
5 day (sidereal)0.1688535892 month (synodic)
10 day (sidereal)0.3377071784 month (synodic)
20 day (sidereal)0.6754143568 month (synodic)
50 day (sidereal)1.6885358919 month (synodic)
100 day (sidereal)3.3770717838 month (synodic)
1000 day (sidereal)33.7707178379 month (synodic)

How to Convert Day (sidereal) to Month (synodic)

1 day (sidereal) = 0.0337707178 month (synodic)
1 month (synodic) = 29.6114522883 day (sidereal)

Example: convert 15 day (sidereal) to month (synodic):
15 day (sidereal) = 15 × 0.0337707178 month (synodic) = 0.5065607676 month (synodic)

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