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Convert Day (sidereal) to Hour (sidereal)

Please provide values below to convert day (sidereal) to hour (sidereal), or vice versa.


Day (sidereal) to Hour (sidereal) Conversion Table

Day (sidereal)Hour (sidereal)
0.01 day (sidereal)0.24 hour (sidereal)
0.1 day (sidereal)2.4 hour (sidereal)
1 day (sidereal)24 hour (sidereal)
2 day (sidereal)48 hour (sidereal)
3 day (sidereal)72 hour (sidereal)
5 day (sidereal)120 hour (sidereal)
10 day (sidereal)240 hour (sidereal)
20 day (sidereal)480 hour (sidereal)
50 day (sidereal)1200 hour (sidereal)
100 day (sidereal)2400 hour (sidereal)
1000 day (sidereal)24000 hour (sidereal)

How to Convert Day (sidereal) to Hour (sidereal)

1 day (sidereal) = 24 hour (sidereal)
1 hour (sidereal) = 0.0416666667 day (sidereal)

Example: convert 15 day (sidereal) to hour (sidereal):
15 day (sidereal) = 15 × 24 hour (sidereal) = 360 hour (sidereal)

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