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Convert Cubic Foot/pound to Gallon (US)/pound

Please provide values below to convert cubic foot/pound [ft^3/lb] to gallon (US)/pound, or vice versa.


Cubic Foot/pound to Gallon (US)/pound Conversion Table

Cubic Foot/pound [ft^3/lb]Gallon (US)/pound
0.01 ft^3/lb0.0748051995 gallon (US)/pound
0.1 ft^3/lb0.7480519946 gallon (US)/pound
1 ft^3/lb7.4805199457 gallon (US)/pound
2 ft^3/lb14.9610398913 gallon (US)/pound
3 ft^3/lb22.441559837 gallon (US)/pound
5 ft^3/lb37.4025997283 gallon (US)/pound
10 ft^3/lb74.8051994566 gallon (US)/pound
20 ft^3/lb149.6103989132 gallon (US)/pound
50 ft^3/lb374.0259972829 gallon (US)/pound
100 ft^3/lb748.0519945658 gallon (US)/pound
1000 ft^3/lb7480.5199456584 gallon (US)/pound

How to Convert Cubic Foot/pound to Gallon (US)/pound

1 ft^3/lb = 7.4805199457 gallon (US)/pound
1 gallon (US)/pound = 0.1336805472 ft^3/lb

Example: convert 15 ft^3/lb to gallon (US)/pound:
15 ft^3/lb = 15 × 7.4805199457 gallon (US)/pound = 112.2077991849 gallon (US)/pound

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