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Convert Microbar to Standard Atmosphere

Please provide values below to convert microbar [µbar] to Standard atmosphere [atm], or vice versa.

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Microbar to Standard Atmosphere Conversion Table

Microbar [µbar]Standard Atmosphere [atm]
0.01 µbar9.8692326671601E-9 atm
0.1 µbar9.8692326671601E-8 atm
1 µbar9.8692326671601E-7 atm
2 µbar1.973846533432E-6 atm
3 µbar2.960769800148E-6 atm
5 µbar4.9346163335801E-6 atm
10 µbar9.8692326671601E-6 atm
20 µbar1.97385E-5 atm
50 µbar4.93462E-5 atm
100 µbar9.86923E-5 atm
1000 µbar0.0009869233 atm

How to Convert Microbar to Standard Atmosphere

1 µbar = 9.8692326671601E-7 atm
1 atm = 1013250 µbar

Example: convert 15 µbar to atm:
15 µbar = 15 × 9.8692326671601E-7 atm = 1.48038E-5 atm

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