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Convert Microbar to Inch Mercury (32°F)

Please provide values below to convert microbar [µbar] to inch mercury (32°F) [inHg], or vice versa.

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Microbar to Inch Mercury (32°F) Conversion Table

Microbar [µbar]Inch Mercury (32°F) [inHg]
0.01 µbar2.9530058646696E-7 inHg
0.1 µbar2.9530058646696E-6 inHg
1 µbar2.95301E-5 inHg
2 µbar5.90601E-5 inHg
3 µbar8.85902E-5 inHg
5 µbar0.0001476503 inHg
10 µbar0.0002953006 inHg
20 µbar0.0005906012 inHg
50 µbar0.0014765029 inHg
100 µbar0.0029530059 inHg
1000 µbar0.0295300586 inHg

How to Convert Microbar to Inch Mercury (32°F)

1 µbar = 2.95301E-5 inHg
1 inHg = 33863.8 µbar

Example: convert 15 µbar to inHg:
15 µbar = 15 × 2.95301E-5 inHg = 0.0004429509 inHg

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