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Convert Calorie (th)/hour to Watt

Please provide values below to convert calorie (th)/hour [cal (th)/h] to watt [W], or vice versa.

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Calorie (th)/hour to Watt Conversion Table

Calorie (th)/hour [cal (th)/h]Watt [W]
0.01 cal (th)/h1.1622222222222E-5 W
0.1 cal (th)/h0.00011622222222222 W
1 cal (th)/h0.0011622222222222 W
2 cal (th)/h0.0023244444444444 W
3 cal (th)/h0.0034866666666667 W
5 cal (th)/h0.0058111111111111 W
10 cal (th)/h0.011622222222222 W
20 cal (th)/h0.023244444444444 W
50 cal (th)/h0.058111111111111 W
100 cal (th)/h0.11622222222222 W
1000 cal (th)/h1.1622222222222 W

How to Convert Calorie (th)/hour to Watt

1 cal (th)/h = 0.0011622222222222 W
1 W = 860.4206500956 cal (th)/h

Example: convert 15 cal (th)/h to W:
15 cal (th)/h = 15 × 0.0011622222222222 W = 0.017433333333333 W

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