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Convert League (statute) to Bohr Radius

Please provide values below to convert league (statute) [st.league] to Bohr radius [b, a.u.], or vice versa.

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League (statute) to Bohr Radius Conversion Table

League (statute) [st.league]Bohr Radius [b, A.u.]
0.01 st.league912367579144.21 b, a.u.
0.1 st.league9123675791442.1 b, a.u.
1 st.league91236757914421 b, a.u.
2 st.league1.8247351582884E+14 b, a.u.
3 st.league2.7371027374326E+14 b, a.u.
5 st.league4.5618378957211E+14 b, a.u.
10 st.league9.1236757914421E+14 b, a.u.
20 st.league1.8247351582884E+15 b, a.u.
50 st.league4.5618378957211E+15 b, a.u.
100 st.league9.1236757914421E+15 b, a.u.
1000 st.league9.1236757914421E+16 b, a.u.

How to Convert League (statute) to Bohr Radius

1 st.league = 91236757914421 b, a.u.
1 b, a.u. = 1.0960494682834E-14 st.league

Example: convert 15 st.league to b, a.u.:
15 st.league = 15 × 91236757914421 b, a.u. = 1.3685513687163E+15 b, a.u.

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