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Convert Astronomical Unit to Meter

Please provide values below to convert astronomical unit [AU, UA] to meter [m], or vice versa.

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Astronomical Unit to Meter Conversion Table

Astronomical Unit [AU, UA]Meter [m]
0.01 AU, UA1495978706.91 m
0.1 AU, UA14959787069.1 m
1 AU, UA149597870691 m
2 AU, UA299195741382 m
3 AU, UA448793612073 m
5 AU, UA747989353455 m
10 AU, UA1495978706910 m
20 AU, UA2991957413820 m
50 AU, UA7479893534550 m
100 AU, UA14959787069100 m
1000 AU, UA1.49597870691E+14 m

How to Convert Astronomical Unit to Meter

1 AU, UA = 149597870691 m
1 m = 6.6845871226706E-12 AU, UA

Example: convert 15 AU, UA to m:
15 AU, UA = 15 × 149597870691 m = 2243968060365 m

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