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Convert Therm (EC) to Ton (explosives)

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Therm (EC) to Ton (explosives) Conversion Table

Therm (EC)Ton (explosives)
0.01 therm (EC)0.0002521644 ton (explosives)
0.1 therm (EC)0.0025216444 ton (explosives)
1 therm (EC)0.0252164436 ton (explosives)
2 therm (EC)0.0504328872 ton (explosives)
3 therm (EC)0.0756493308 ton (explosives)
5 therm (EC)0.126082218 ton (explosives)
10 therm (EC)0.2521644359 ton (explosives)
20 therm (EC)0.5043288719 ton (explosives)
50 therm (EC)1.2608221797 ton (explosives)
100 therm (EC)2.5216443595 ton (explosives)
1000 therm (EC)25.2164435946 ton (explosives)

How to Convert Therm (EC) to Ton (explosives)

1 therm (EC) = 0.0252164436 ton (explosives)
1 ton (explosives) = 39.6566627743 therm (EC)

Example: convert 15 therm (EC) to ton (explosives):
15 therm (EC) = 15 × 0.0252164436 ton (explosives) = 0.3782466539 ton (explosives)

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