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Convert Microjoule to Therm (US)

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Microjoule to Therm (US) Conversion Table

Microjoule [µJ]Therm (US)
0.01 µJ9.4804342797336E-17 therm (US)
0.1 µJ9.4804342797336E-16 therm (US)
1 µJ9.4804342797336E-15 therm (US)
2 µJ1.8960868559467E-14 therm (US)
3 µJ2.8441302839201E-14 therm (US)
5 µJ4.7402171398668E-14 therm (US)
10 µJ9.4804342797336E-14 therm (US)
20 µJ1.8960868559467E-13 therm (US)
50 µJ4.7402171398668E-13 therm (US)
100 µJ9.4804342797336E-13 therm (US)
1000 µJ9.4804342797336E-12 therm (US)

How to Convert Microjoule to Therm (US)

1 µJ = 9.4804342797336E-15 therm (US)
1 therm (US) = 1.054804E+14 µJ

Example: convert 15 µJ to therm (US):
15 µJ = 15 × 9.4804342797336E-15 therm (US) = 1.42206514196E-13 therm (US)

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