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Convert Ohm Meter to Ohm Inch

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Ohm Meter to Ohm Inch Conversion Table

Ohm MeterOhm Inch
0.01 ohm meter0.3937007874 ohm inch
0.1 ohm meter3.937007874 ohm inch
1 ohm meter39.37007874 ohm inch
2 ohm meter78.74015748 ohm inch
3 ohm meter118.11023622 ohm inch
5 ohm meter196.8503937 ohm inch
10 ohm meter393.7007874 ohm inch
20 ohm meter787.4015748 ohm inch
50 ohm meter1968.503937 ohm inch
100 ohm meter3937.007874 ohm inch
1000 ohm meter39370.07874 ohm inch

How to Convert Ohm Meter to Ohm Inch

1 ohm meter = 39.37007874 ohm inch
1 ohm inch = 0.0254 ohm meter

Example: convert 15 ohm meter to ohm inch:
15 ohm meter = 15 × 39.37007874 ohm inch = 590.5511811 ohm inch

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