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Convert Ohm Inch to Ohm Meter

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Ohm Inch to Ohm Meter Conversion Table

Ohm InchOhm Meter
0.01 ohm inch0.00025400000000102 ohm meter
0.1 ohm inch0.0025400000000102 ohm meter
1 ohm inch0.025400000000102 ohm meter
2 ohm inch0.050800000000203 ohm meter
3 ohm inch0.076200000000305 ohm meter
5 ohm inch0.12700000000051 ohm meter
10 ohm inch0.25400000000102 ohm meter
20 ohm inch0.50800000000203 ohm meter
50 ohm inch1.2700000000051 ohm meter
100 ohm inch2.5400000000102 ohm meter
1000 ohm inch25.400000000102 ohm meter

How to Convert Ohm Inch to Ohm Meter

1 ohm inch = 0.025400000000102 ohm meter
1 ohm meter = 39.37007874 ohm inch

Example: convert 15 ohm inch to ohm meter:
15 ohm inch = 15 × 0.025400000000102 ohm meter = 0.38100000000152 ohm meter

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