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Convert Pound/cubic Yard to Ounce/gallon (US)

Please provide values below to convert pound/cubic yard [lb/yd^3] to ounce/gallon (US), or vice versa.

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Pound/cubic Yard to Ounce/gallon (US) Conversion Table

Pound/cubic Yard [lb/yd^3]Ounce/gallon (US)
0.01 lb/yd^30.0007921811 ounce/gallon (US)
0.1 lb/yd^30.0079218107 ounce/gallon (US)
1 lb/yd^30.079218107 ounce/gallon (US)
2 lb/yd^30.158436214 ounce/gallon (US)
3 lb/yd^30.237654321 ounce/gallon (US)
5 lb/yd^30.396090535 ounce/gallon (US)
10 lb/yd^30.79218107 ounce/gallon (US)
20 lb/yd^31.5843621399 ounce/gallon (US)
50 lb/yd^33.9609053498 ounce/gallon (US)
100 lb/yd^37.9218106996 ounce/gallon (US)
1000 lb/yd^379.218106996 ounce/gallon (US)

How to Convert Pound/cubic Yard to Ounce/gallon (US)

1 lb/yd^3 = 0.079218107 ounce/gallon (US)
1 ounce/gallon (US) = 12.6233766234 lb/yd^3

Example: convert 15 lb/yd^3 to ounce/gallon (US):
15 lb/yd^3 = 15 × 0.079218107 ounce/gallon (US) = 1.1882716049 ounce/gallon (US)

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