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Convert Square Mile to Square Mil

Please provide values below to convert square mile [mi^2] to square mil [mil^2], or vice versa.

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Square Mile to Square Mil Conversion Table

Square Mile [mi^2]Square Mil [mil^2]
0.01 mi^240144896000000 mil^2
0.1 mi^24.0144896E+14 mil^2
1 mi^24.0144896E+15 mil^2
2 mi^28.0289792E+15 mil^2
3 mi^21.20434688E+16 mil^2
5 mi^22.0072448E+16 mil^2
10 mi^24.0144896E+16 mil^2
20 mi^28.0289792E+16 mil^2
50 mi^22.0072448E+17 mil^2
100 mi^24.0144896E+17 mil^2
1000 mi^24.0144896E+18 mil^2

How to Convert Square Mile to Square Mil

1 mi^2 = 4.0144896E+15 mil^2
1 mil^2 = 2.4909766860524E-16 mi^2

Example: convert 15 mi^2 to mil^2:
15 mi^2 = 15 × 4.0144896E+15 mil^2 = 6.0217344E+16 mil^2

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