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Convert Square Mile to Hectare

Please provide values below to convert square mile [mi^2] to hectare [ha], or vice versa.


Square mile

Definition: The square mile (symbol: sq mi or mi2) is a unit of area in the imperial and United States customary (UCS) systems of units. It is defined as the area of a square with side lengths of one statute mile (5,280 feet). A square mile is a large area that is equal to 27,878,400 square feet, 3,097,600 square yards, and 640 acres.

History/origin: Area is commonly represented in the form of a square with sides of a specific unit of length, written as "square" followed by the chosen unit of length. The square mile is one of many such units and is derived from the area of a square with sides of one mile.

Current use: Square miles are used when the measurement involves large scales such as country sizes. It can be used when referencing population studies, such as a measurement of total population per square mile. As an imperial and USC unit, it is most commonly used in countries that use these systems of measurement. In countries that have adopted the International System of Units, the square meter (and its subsequent multiples and submultiples) is the preferred system of measurement.


Definition: A hectare (symbol: ha) is a unit of area that is accepted in the International System of Units (SI). It is primarily used to measure land area. One hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters and is equivalent to approximately 2.471 acres.

History/Origin: The hectare was first introduced in 1795 as part of the metric system. The term hectare is derived from the metric prefix "hecto," denoting a factor of one hundred, and the metric area "are," a metric unit for measuring area that has fallen out of use in SI. The "are" is still used in certain areas when referencing real estate, particularly in India, Indonesia, and a number of European countries.

Current use: Hectares are primarily used to measure land area around the world. Even though it is not an SI unit (just a unit accepted for use with SI) the SI brochure states that the use of the hectare is expected to "continue indefinitely."

Square Mile to Hectare Conversion Table

Square Mile [mi^2]Hectare [ha]
0.01 mi^22.5899881103 ha
0.1 mi^225.8998811034 ha
1 mi^2258.9988110336 ha
2 mi^2517.9976220672 ha
3 mi^2776.9964331008 ha
5 mi^21294.994055168 ha
10 mi^22589.988110336 ha
20 mi^25179.976220672 ha
50 mi^212949.94055168 ha
100 mi^225899.88110336 ha
1000 mi^2258998.8110336 ha

How to Convert Square Mile to Hectare

1 mi^2 = 258.9988110336 ha
1 ha = 0.0038610216 mi^2

Example: convert 15 mi^2 to ha:
15 mi^2 = 15 × 258.9988110336 ha = 3884.982165504 ha

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