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Convert Square Foot (US Survey) to Section

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Square Foot (US Survey) to Section Conversion Table

Square Foot (US Survey)Section
0.01 square foot (US survey)3.5870207759843E-10 section
0.1 square foot (US survey)3.5870207759843E-9 section
1 square foot (US survey)3.5870207759843E-8 section
2 square foot (US survey)7.1740415519686E-8 section
3 square foot (US survey)1.0761062327953E-7 section
5 square foot (US survey)1.7935103879921E-7 section
10 square foot (US survey)3.5870207759843E-7 section
20 square foot (US survey)7.1740415519686E-7 section
50 square foot (US survey)1.7935103879921E-6 section
100 square foot (US survey)3.5870207759843E-6 section
1000 square foot (US survey)3.58702E-5 section

How to Convert Square Foot (US Survey) to Section

1 square foot (US survey) = 3.5870207759843E-8 section
1 section = 27878288.486511 square foot (US survey)

Example: convert 15 square foot (US survey) to section:
15 square foot (US survey) = 15 × 3.5870207759843E-8 section = 5.3805311639764E-7 section

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