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Convert Circular Inch to Square Rod

Please provide values below to convert circular inch to square rod, or vice versa.


Circular Inch to Square Rod Conversion Table

Circular InchSquare Rod
0.01 circular inch2.0033623186344E-7 square rod
0.1 circular inch2.0033623186344E-6 square rod
1 circular inch2.00336E-5 square rod
2 circular inch4.00672E-5 square rod
3 circular inch6.01009E-5 square rod
5 circular inch0.0001001681 square rod
10 circular inch0.0002003362 square rod
20 circular inch0.0004006725 square rod
50 circular inch0.0010016812 square rod
100 circular inch0.0020033623 square rod
1000 circular inch0.0200336232 square rod

How to Convert Circular Inch to Square Rod

1 circular inch = 2.00336E-5 square rod
1 square rod = 49916.083111797 circular inch

Example: convert 15 circular inch to square rod:
15 circular inch = 15 × 2.00336E-5 square rod = 0.0003005043 square rod

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