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Convert Acre (US Survey) to Square Rod

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Acre (US Survey) to Square Rod Conversion Table

Acre (US Survey) [ac]Square Rod
0.01 ac1.6000064 square rod
0.1 ac16.0000640002 square rod
1 ac160.0006400019 square rod
2 ac320.0012800038 square rod
3 ac480.0019200058 square rod
5 ac800.0032000096 square rod
10 ac1600.0064000192 square rod
20 ac3200.0128000384 square rod
50 ac8000.032000096 square rod
100 ac16000.064000192 square rod
1000 ac160000.64000192 square rod

How to Convert Acre (US Survey) to Square Rod

1 ac = 160.0006400019 square rod
1 square rod = 0.006249975 ac

Example: convert 15 ac to square rod:
15 ac = 15 × 160.0006400019 square rod = 2400.0096000288 square rod

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