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Convert Kilometer/square Second to Yard/square Second

Please provide values below to convert kilometer/square second to yard/square second, or vice versa.


Kilometer/square Second to Yard/square Second Conversion Table

Kilometer/square SecondYard/square Second
0.01 kilometer/square second10.9361329834 yard/square second
0.1 kilometer/square second109.3613298338 yard/square second
1 kilometer/square second1093.6132983377 yard/square second
2 kilometer/square second2187.2265966754 yard/square second
3 kilometer/square second3280.8398950131 yard/square second
5 kilometer/square second5468.0664916886 yard/square second
10 kilometer/square second10936.132983377 yard/square second
20 kilometer/square second21872.265966754 yard/square second
50 kilometer/square second54680.664916886 yard/square second
100 kilometer/square second109361.32983377 yard/square second
1000 kilometer/square second1093613.2983377 yard/square second

How to Convert Kilometer/square Second to Yard/square Second

1 kilometer/square second = 1093.6132983377 yard/square second
1 yard/square second = 0.0009144 kilometer/square second

Example: convert 15 kilometer/square second to yard/square second:
15 kilometer/square second = 15 × 1093.6132983377 yard/square second = 16404.199475066 yard/square second

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